Upcoming Virtual Tanglewood

Tanglewood Monday Club is continuing its Virtual Tanglewood for the near future, But we are continuing to provide entertainment for those who sign up for the next Zoom meetings. Coming up over the next two months we have:

  • 25th Jan – A Presentation from the Owl Sanctuary & the January 100 Club draw
  • 8th Feb – Bingo
  • 22nd Feb – Live music & the February 100 Club draw
  • 8th Mar – Music Quiz
  • 22nd Mar – A Presentation on Reptiles & The March 100 Club draw

Also you may have noticed the Tanglewood Website is starting to take shape – we have added our regular 100 Club as well as the About Us, Contact Us and the How to Help page. Also new this year is a link to the Youtube channel and the Calendar page that will update you all on upcoming events as well as reminders for upcoming Zoom meetings. Hopefully in the not too distant future we’ll be able to see the classic Tanglewood Monday Night parties up there eventually. Fingers crossed!