What is Tanglewood Monday Club?

We are a social club for adults with a learning disability. We were formed by Harrow Council social workers in 1965 and met for the very first time on Oct. 4th of that year. Since 1970 however the club has been run entirely by volunteers. Currently we have 60 members.

What do we do?

As a social club there is always music & dancing but in addition we also have two Pool tables, Darts, Table tennis, a Wii game and Arts & Crafts. We also organise “party nights” Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and special birthday parties.


We charge our members a weekly subscription for attending – currently £3. We are an independent charity and rely solely on donations and fund raising which is not an easy task when you consider that our annual expenditure is around £15,000 per year – almost half of that goes on paying rent for our club room.


 There is a limited amount of transport available.  It is currently free of charge but this might have to change as we have recently lost our annual grant from Harrow Council.


The Tanglewood Monday Club is run entirely by volunteers. Although many of them have been with us for many years – we currently have eleven volunteers who, between them, have provided over 150 years’ service to Tanglewood –  they are not professionals and we are unable to provide a one-to-one with our members and we cannot accommodate members with challenging behavioural problems.  Our premises is wheelchair friendly. 

Tanglewood club is a very friendly and happy place and, apart from the aforementioned weekly activities, it does give our members an ideal opportunity to meet with their friends and our volunteers.  We are a social club and we do provide our members with soft drinks and crisps (at a small cost) and tea and biscuits (free).  Alcohol is not permitted and we can accept new members who are aged 18+

The Tanglewood Monday club is designed for members to have some leisure time away from their family, home and work place. With that in mind parents, carers and people working professionally with our members can only attend by invitation.

If you are interested in joining as a club member please contact us