I am sure some of you will know club member Paul Edwards' parents – sadly his mother Carol passed away after a long illness on October 30th aged 88.  George and Carol were married in Hammersmith on 10th July 1966 and were very happily married for 57 years.  They first met four years earlier when George, a distinguished violin player, was playing in a string quartet, he later spent many years in an orchestra.
George told me that on their very first date he took Carol to the cinema to see Dr. No starring Sean Connery in the very first James Bond film.
They were a lovely couple. I first met them in 1986 when Paul first joined Tanglewood.  They always supported us in any way they could and still hold three numbers in our 100 club.
On behalf of everyone at Tanglewood I offer my sincere condolences to George and Paul.
The funeral will take place at Ruislip Crematorium on Thursday 23rd November at 2.00 p.m.
Geoff Havard
Geoff Havard

Geoff has been Tanglewood Monday Club's team leader since 1971 and has over 50 years experience.

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