I have made the decision to cancel club this coming Monday July 18th because of the anticipated heatwave.  According the the Met. office they are expecting record breaking temperatures and even by 7.00 p.m. the temperature  could still be 38 degrees and 33 degrees by 10.00 p.m.  These kind of temperature's could cause some serious health issue's so I felt I had no choice but to cancel.
This is only the 7th time in over 40 years that the club has been cancelled because of the weather – the last time was 21st January 2013 Obviously this is  the first time it has been cancelled because of the heat.  If the scientist's predictions of global warming are correct this wont be the last time.
Please stay out of the sun, drink plenty of water and stay safe.  I will see you on Monday July 25th
Geoff Havard
Geoff Havard

Geoff has been Tanglewood Monday Club's team leader since 1971 and has over 50 years experience.

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