Tanglewood Christmas Party


You are invited to join our Tanglewood Christmas Party this coming Monday, 20th December .

I would like to see as many club members, volunteers, parents, carers and Friends of Tanglewood, both past and present! Not only so we can see one another, but also watch this great entertainer – Believe me, he is brilliant.

You can log into Zoom on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone, details are at the bottom of this webpage.

I can promise you a great night. Come on, lets see if we can get near the maximum of 100 people logged on to this really special event at this very special (and yes, worrying) time.

Forget all about the current crises and have a great time at the Tanglewood Christmans Party!

To join the next Virtual Tanglewood meeting you will need either a PC, Laptop or smartphone with the Zoom App installed.

Links to download the Zoom app;

Android (Samsung, Sony, LG, HTC, Huawei, etc)

Apple iPhone

PC or Laptop (Then install Zoom Client for Meetings)

once you have the Zoom app installed, contact Geoff by phone, text, email or by using our online Contact Us form which can be found by clicking HERE and he will be able to help you to be included in the next meeting.