Helen Chisholm 1940 – 2021

I have some sad news about former club helper Helen.  she passed away on Tuesday July 21st aged 81 having been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Helen moved to South Wales in 2006 but she used to live in Southdown Crescent South Harrow, a couple of doors away from Southdown Hostel. One day she knocked on their door to ask if they needed any volunteers and they put her in touch with me. 

She first attended club on 24th June 1991 and became a very important member of our team for nearly 15 years.  Apart from her regular attendance she also went on several club holidays.  She  was a highly intelligent woman – I remember on one of the club holidays to Seaton, she took part in the nightly general quiz which took place between our evening meal and the live entertainment – this particular year she won the competition every night and I mean every night – all 7 of them – it had never been done before, or since I shouldn’t wonder. On the last two nights she changed her name on the answer sheet in case the organisers tried to fix it that she wouldn’t keep winning!

She was a lovely lady and a true friend of mine and many other people she met.  I haven’t seen much of her lately because of the distance but we did keep in regular touch and we, as a family, did visit her in South Wales a few years ago. She also joined in one of our recent virtual clubs on Zoom, she only stayed on-line for a little while because, typically, she had another Zoom quiz night to attend. So she was still quizzing right to the end.  Rather a sad way for her life to end as she had such an exceptional brain.

 She held a 100 club number from 1994 ’till earlier this year – paying out £1,560 in monthly subs.  She had 11 wins in total – 2 first’s, 4 seconds and 5 third’s winning her £900.

Her last club, before moving, was on 9th January 2006 and it is on this night that the above photo was taken.  On behalf of everyone at Tanglewood I offer her children, relatives and friends our sincere condolences.

Geoff Havard
Geoff Havard

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