Up close with Reptiles

We had a great virtual club night on Zoom with a presentation by James Warne who owns Essex Reptiles.  It was a fantastic hour-long demonstration all about various reptiles, some of which are pictured here including a Milk snake, Tarantula spider, a tortoise and a Chameleon.  James told us all about their strange habitat and how they protect themselves against preditors – fascinating.  James also took questions from our club members which was a lovely touch. You can see in Syed’s face just how enthralled he was (I think that screen shot was taken as James was showing us the Tarantula! The Bichon frise was not part of the demonstration – that is our 10-month old Katy. She was itching to get close to the reptiles on screen.  We have our Zoom meeting displayed on our television so they look very large. She seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.

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Geoff Havard
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