Tanglewood Website Under Construction

Hello all, Adam the tech guy here!

Unfortunately, the Tanglewood Monday Club website had been infected with malware, how this came about we are unsure. Basicaly there were malicious scripts that, if activated would send you to another webpage asking for money claiming they had “hacked” your computer. Luckily for us, these scripts never worked and our host shut us down as soon as it was noticed. Rest assured, your computer/phone/iPad wouldn’t have been infected with anything from our website.

It is a good opportunity to remind everyone to stay alert on the internet. If the redirect had happened you would have been face to face with a scary message demanding you send them money, or a message claiming to be Microsoft or Apple telling you to ring a number where a scammer will do everything to convince you to send them money. Usually by telling you your computer is broken and demanding you buy a gift card to “fix” it. Sadly they are very good at it and many people fall prey to them. So stay alert and a little skeptical.

But onto positive things, We are working on getting the site up and running with a fresh new look – it may take a little while as I’m doing this in my free time, but Geoff will keep you updated as to when the site is back online!

Thanks for your patience!