Our Caroline Volunteers for the Nightingale Hospital

Our very own “Florence Nightingale” club helper Caroline, has been accepted as a volunteer at the New Nightingale Hospital set up by the Government in the Excel centre, East London. The building is an enormous exhibition centre which opened in November 2000. Initially it will hold 500 beds, each with ventilators and oxygen but the building has the capacity to accommodate thousands more. I am not at all surprised that Caroline offered her services because, apart from being one of the nicest people I have ever met, she is always the first person to offer help and assistance if she thinks anyone needs it. It is for that reason I was over the moon when she joined Tanglewood as a club helper.

Caroline is the ideal person to help out in a crises, and lets face it crises-es don’t come much bigger than the one the country is in at the moment. On behalf of everyone at Tanglewood I say to her “Well done – we are so very proud of you”. I have asked her to keep in touch and to let us know how she is getting on. I will relay her comments via this web site.

Hats off to the NHS and all the volunteers like Caroline.

Geoff Havard
Geoff Havard

Geoff has been Tanglewood Monday Club's team leader since 1971 and has over 50 years experience.

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