Doubles Darts Tournament 2020

The final of the doubles darts tournament took place at club on Feb 24th between Nikesh Shah & Simon Parsons against Kavitha Tarcisius and Scott Irons. Kavitha & Scott took an early lead winning the first (of three) legs. Nikesh & Simon fought back and won the 2nd leg to go level. The third and decisive leg was a close run thing with scores very close but it was Simon who threw the winning dart to give him and his partner the title. They can be seen receiving their trophies and the shield from the tournament organiser Chas.

Going into the final Scott held the highest score of the tournament with a throw of 93 in the semi final. However, with his very first throw of the final itself Nikesh threw 100 and so took that prize as well.

Geoff Havard
Geoff Havard

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