About Us

What is Tanglewood?

We are a social club for adults living in Harrow with a learning disability. We were formed by Harrow Council social workers in 1965 and met for the very first time on Oct. 4th of that year. Since 1970 however the club has been run entirely by volunteers. Currently we have 80 members and the average attendance in 2012 was 68. Each member pays £2 per week subs.

What do we do?

As a social club there is always music & dancing but in addition we also have two Pool tables, Darts, Table tennis and Arts & Crafts. We also organise “party nights” Halloween, Christmas, Valentines and special birthdays.Unfortunately we no longer organise holidays for our members.  Then there is the annual Summer outing and, since 1972 we have organised 68 holidays for our members including Florida, Spain, Tenerife, Malta, Tunisia, Turkey, Italy and various places in the UK.


We are an independent charity and rely solely on donations and fund raising which is not an easy task when you consider that our annual expenditure is around £15,000 per year – almost half of that goes on paying rent for our club room & 13% on printing. The club meets 45 times a year which works out at Over £300 exp per club night.  43% of our income comes from the club members themselves paying their weekly subs. 26% come from our 100 club and 27% from donations and fund raising.


Up until 2009 Harrow Council provided our premises and most of our transport needs. But slowly but surely their contribution has diminished so that by 2013 their only input is financial support for 21 of our members Transport costs plus an annual grant of around £3,600.

In July 2009 Harrow Council shut down the Day centre that had been our Home for 34 years. We spent several months searching for a suitable club room –  just as we were about to give up Harrow Borough F.C. came to our rescue and offered us their main hall complete with the all important storage area. For the first time in the clubs history we were not based in a building that was purpose built for people with a learning disability. This was a good thing but the downside is we now have to pay rent. We are however very  happy in our new home which meets all our needs.

We rely heavily on donations and fund raising. If you can help in either of these two area’s I would like to hear from you. Tanglewood is run by a team of dedicated volunteers – parents, carers and Professional workers are only allowed by invitation. We have published a Monthly magazine since 1979 To be included on our mailing list please Contact us