Archie Cameron 1928 – 2020

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Archie was born in Scotland on 14th Aug. 1928.  He was an apprentice electrician in the Clyde shipyard but just before his 18th birthday in 1946 he joined the RAF where he was to spend the next 28 years.  In 1974 he briefly worked for Kodak before joining Marconi in Stanmore where he stayed until his retirement.

          During his period in the armed forces he lived at various locations including RAF Leeming in Yorkshire, Cyprus, Wittering and Fontainbleau. I also remember him telling me that he served in Aden, now part of Yemen, during the troubles there in the mid 50’s

          He was a Cameron chief for many years and loved travelling on the train to visit his native Scotland.  Archie was introduced to Tanglewood through his wife at the time Cathie who was a Tanglewood helper. He attended Tanglewood throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s and went on many club holiday and appeared in a few Tanglewood helpers pantomime’s. His final club night was on 7th November 1994.  He was a very kind and friendly person and all the club members loved him.  One important legacy he left Tanglewood was he introduced his granddaughter Victoria to the club – she started attending in July 1994 and she still attends today as an assistant helper

 Despite his 28 years in the RAF and spending a significant part of his life in and around Stanmore he never lost his strong Scottish accent which many people, including myself, found difficult to understand. He spent most of his retirement in Arlesey, Bedfordshire with his dear friend Emily.  His daughter Wendy, Victoria’s mother, tells me that he remained fiercely independent and that died peacefully surrounded by his family. He had been unwell for a few months and his death was unrelated to the current coronavirus.

On behalf of everyone at Tanglewood I offer my sincere condolences to Wendy, Victoria and other family members.  They have lost a father and grandfather and we have all lost a dear friend.