100 Club 37th Anniversary

It was in February 1983 that we made the very first draw and since than we have paid out an extraordinary £110,070 in total prize money. As you would expect from me, that is not the only fact and figure you will gather from this special 37th anniversary report. Here are some more:-
Here is a list of the most drawn numbers since 1983 regardless of who owned them. I have put the name of the current owner in brackets – only numbers marked with * have been owned throughout by the same person. I have also included the total amount won by that number.

NumberTimes DrawnAmount Won 
322£2,020(Josephine Roberts since Feb 2018)
2721£1,360(Fred Evans since July 2010)
5421£1,550(Sue Flewers since Aug 1999)
9221£1,620(Jeanne Parsons since Sept 2001)
07*19£1,400(Doug Dean)
1619£1,470(Rita Fernandes since Sept 1994)
31*19£1,590(Geoff Havard)
6419£1,230(Maureen Davis since Nov 1996)
8619£1,140(Bryan Bovill since Feb 2016)
45*18£1,220(Jackie Brown)
46*18£1,410(Margaret Greenway)
5618£2,030(Bernie Greenhalgh from Apr 2010)
9418£1,270(Jeanne Parsons since Sept 2001)
834£390(Julie Greenway since Mar 2013)
855£280(Lynn Potter since Sep 2013)
766£730(Mo Kadom since Feb 2013)
416£510(George Clark since Jun 2013)
56£450(Ray Walker since Aug 2010)
777£730(Carol Edwards since Sep 2013)
667£550(Marie OShea since Dec 1983)
818£420(Kay Killestein since May 2001)
578£550(Glennis Johnson since Jun 1987)
388£730(Sue Flewers since Dec 1990)
338£430(Jane Ballard since Jul 2016)

As you can see, the number 56 has won more money since 1983 than any other number and is one of only two numbers that have won more than £2,000 since the 100 club started, the other one being No. 3 which has actually been drawn four times more than No. 56. A further 61 numbers have won in excess of £1,000 since 1983.

There are of course numbers at the other end of the scale – a total of 15 numbers have been drawn less than 10 times – below are the numbers that have been drawn the least number of times. Only one person appears in both lists and that is former club helper Sue Flewers.

The number that has appeared most times as a first prize is No. 32 belonging to me which has been has won the top prize 8 times out of 14.

The current member who has lost the most amount is my sister Glennis who is -£1,222 on her No. 57 there are only two others who are on a minus of over £1,000 and they are are on a minus of over £1,000 and they are Marie O’Shea (66) -£1,096 & Maureen Davis (10) -£1.042.

There are 7 current 100 club members who are in profit on a single number, by far and away the highest is Bernie Greenhalgh who is a good friend of Tanglewood. Her are all 7 with their joining date, outlay, total winnings and profit:-

No.memberDate JoinedOutlayWinningsProfit
56Bernie GreenhalghApr-10£708£1,300£592
27Fred EvansJul-10£690£850£160
43Leo WeirNov-02£1,064£1,210£146
84Lynn BlennerhassettFeb-10£716£850£134
39Christina HerbertJan-06£912£1,030£118
22Vinesh MalvinaJul-19£42£100£58
20Belinda HornerAug-10£684£700£16

Numbers that have gone the most number of months without winning anything

The all-time record is held by the number 41 which was drawn in Sep. 1993 and didn’t appear again until Apr. 2013 = 235 months

Nodates from - tomonths
41Sep ’93 - Apr ’13235
4May 97 - May ’14204
33Nov ’02 - Aug ’19200
83Oct ’04 - to date183
77May ’05 - to date176
39Dec ’89 - Jun ’04173
21Nov ’98 - Apr ’12161
48Jul ’95 - Aug ’08156
76Jul ’95 - Jun ’08154
81Mar ’07 - to date154

28 of our current members have won over £1,000

96Terry Broome£1,640 since Feb ‘83
31Geoff Havard£1,590 since Feb ‘83
32Geoff Havard£1,490 since Feb ’83
23Mabel King£1,470 since May ’93
79George Edwards£1,450 since Oct ’87
80Carol Edwards£1,430 since Oct ’87
46Margaret Greenway£1,410 since Feb ’83
7Doug Dean£1,400 since Feb ’83
16Rita Fernandes£1,400 since Sep ’94
49Genevieve Driver£1,340 since May ’93
68Jack Harburn£1,330 since Aug ’93
56Bernie Greenhalgh£1,300 since Apr ’10
72Margarette Beech£1,280 since Feb ’83
75Liz Wilson£1250 since Feb ’83
61Robbie Wimborn£1240 since Feb ’83
45Jackie Brown£1220 since Feb ’83
2Wendy Hansen£1220 since May ’96
43Leo Weir£1210 since Nov ’02
97Terry Broome£1170 since Feb ’83
100Margaret Obeahon£1170 since Jan ’98
65Chas Englefield£1150 since Jul ’87
98Bernie Greenhalgh£1100 since Jun ’93
64Maureen Davis£1979 since Nov ’96
92Jeanne Parsons£1070 since Sep ’01
54Sue Flewers£1050 since Aug ’99
90Vicky Cann£1040 since Apr ’96
39Christina Herbert£1030 since Jan '06
19Roger Sheehy£1020 since Feb ’96

Bernie is also the only person with more than one number and in profit his total outlay on both numbers = £2,224, winnings £2,400.

There are 22 individuals and/or families with more than one number. The family that has paid out the most in monthly subs is the Havards. We did have five numbers, but now have 4 with two of them since the beginning – Total outlay £5,594 winnings £4,160

There are four current members whose numbers have gone over 100 months without an appearance – three of them are shown on this list belonging to Julie Greenway (No. 83), Carol Edwards (77) and Kay Killestein (81). The other one is number 37 belonging to Alice Butler Jun ’11 – to date = 103 months.

Conversely, the same number has appeared in two consecutive draws on no fewer than 44 occasions and on six of those they were both first’s. The last time it happened was in June & July last year No. 73 belonging to my sister. Even more amazing is the twice a number has appeared in three consecutive draws and they both happened in the same year!! In May, June & July of 2012 No. 98 belonging to Bernie Greenhalgh won 3rd, 3rd & 2nd and in Sept, Oct & Nov of the same year No. 40 belonging to Norman Aldridge won 3rd 3rd & 1st.

With a guaranteed pay out of £350 each month it is vital that we keep all 100 numbers allocated – this gives us an income of £600 a month.  We have been very fortunate that all 100    numbers have been allocated virtually every month for the past 37 years.  I must admit that when club helper Christine first suggested the idea I did have my doubts.  It has given us a regular monthly income all this time.  In our last financial year profit from the 100 club gave us £3,570 and since the 100 club started the total profit to Tanglewood has been £72,144.

Although I supervise the actual draw and, as you would expect keep all the facts and figures up to date on the computer, it is former club helper Margarette Beech who keeps all the administration regarding standing orders and cheques up to date. She took over that role from Christine in 1994 and has been doing it ever since. For which I am very grateful.

The current holders of all 100 numbers are broken down as follows:-

27 numbers are held by current or former club helpers. 5 are held by club members and 22 are held by parents and/or carers of our club members. The remaining 46 are held by friends of Tanglewood.

To all of you, and on behalf of everyone at Tanglewood, I offer you my sincere thanks for your continued and loyal financial support of our club. One final stat – A club member makes the actual draw each month but on just 11 of the 444 draws that have taken place the numbers have been drawn out by a guest.