Julie’s 60th Birthday Party

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Club member Julie Greenway celebrated her 60th birthday at club on Sept 9th and we all had a great night.  Julie paid for the sandwiches and cakes whilst the club provided all the drinks. I did a special 1959 Disco (1959 was a truly memorable year in the UK music industry – well, I think it was!).

Julie has attended more Tanglewood clubs than any other current member – the party night was her 1,625th club night (since 1980).  We don’t know her exact start date, the official club registers only go back to Monday 14th April 1980 – she was definitely at club on that night. I also have a group photo taken in 1976 and she wasn’t in that so she must have started sometime between 1976 and 1980. What is not in doubt is her attendance rate of 97%.

The photo’s show Julie, looking lovely in her party dress, cutting the cake and on display were lots of photos taken over the past 40+years including one taken in Florida in 1981 standing next to my late mother.  Several other photos were taken during the 29 Tanglewood holidays that Julie attended.

Footnote – The very first party night we held at Harrow Borough F.C. was to celebrate Julie’s 50th birthday in 2009