2019/20 Football Predictions Competition

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For the 13th consecutive year we are running a Tanglewood football prediction competition where we pay out prize money for the people who get the most number of points in predicting which teams will be promoted and relegated from each league, and which team will win the FA cup. The more entries we receive the higher the pay-out. Last season’s prize fund was over £500 and Tanglewood received much needed funds. OK, you may not win but it is fun to take part and you will be helping Tanglewood. You can enter as many times as you like but each entry costs £5.

40% of the prize fund will go to the winner, 20% to the runner-up and 10% for third place. The remaining 30% will go into Tanglewood funds. Please see overleaf for details of how to return your forms and by what date – a word of warning:- leaving it to the last minute doesn’t work – entries received on the final day last season using the top & bottom of each league at that time, ended up in 52nd place at the end of the season!

The person with the most number of points at the end of the season (after all the play-offs and cup final) will be deemed the winner. In the event of a tie prize money will be shared. For interest purposes only points will be allocated at the end of each month and the chart published in our magazine, posted on our web site and e-mailed to you if you provide your e-mail address.

For a full list of rules and how to enter please download the Application Form below. And of course GOOD LUCK!!