Helpers Pool Competition 2018

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The final of the helpers pool competition took place at club on April 1st between Vic, who surprisingly was playing in only his 3rd helpers sports final – both the previous two were in the pool competition and he lost them both – and myself.  This was my 37th helpers sports final, 17 of them were in the pool competition and I had won 13 of them.  despite these facts Vic entered the final in great form, he beat Chas 2-0 in the semi final and has been playing very well lately.

Our newest pool table was positioned in the centre of our club room and most club members were seated around it in eager anticipation of the best-of-five frame final.  As expected it was a very close match. The first frame went down to the black ball and I was fortunate to go 1 – 0 up. The second frame was also very close. Again I was fortunate – I almost potted the black by mistake and left it hovering over the pocket. Unfortunately for Vic he accidentally knocked it in making the score 2 – 0

Vic was now two down with three to play.  In frame three he started playing how we all know he can and won it quite comfortably.   It’s now 2 – 1 and after a slow start to frame four I found myself just needing the black to win. I had a chance  but I missed the pot and left the black ball hovering over a pocket again!  Vic still had three of his balls on the table and he had a great chance to put me in trouble by laying a “snooker” which would have given him a golden opportunity to win the frame. However his attempt failed and left me just enough room to pot the black ball and win the match 3 – 1


The photographs show us both receiving our trophies from the match referee Chas