Julie gets an amazing send-off

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I have been to a lot of funeral’s in my time, but none were ever quite like the one for Julie on Thursday 7th March. The sheer numbers of people who attended both the service at Breakspear crematorium and the gathering back at Harrow Borough Football club, were absolutely outstanding. By my estimations there were at least 200 people in the East chapel at Breakspear, there were no-where near enough seats and people were standing in the aisle and at the back and I believe some didn’t get in at all. If you were one of those I apologise but of course that was completely out of my control – Karen, Paul and myself were alright as we had reserved seats at the front! People entered, and left the chapel to the song “You were always on my mind” written and sung by Willie Nelson. During the service, which was conducted by Fr Kevin Moule, club helpers Christina & Jackie paid a tribute to Julie which can be found elsewhere on this web site. Afterwards I invited everyone to join myself Karen & Paul at Harrow Borough Football Club. Once again I totally under estimated how many people would attend. To be fair to Harrow Borough I was offered the main hall (where the club is held) but I chose to use the front bar – A big mistake! At least 150 people attended which would have been a lot even for the main hall. It is almost as many people that attend an average home game for the football club! Somehow everyone managed to squeeze in and were supplied with some refreshments, provided by, and paid for by, Harrow Borough F.C., The free dinks were paid for by Paul. Due to my incompetence there wasn’t enough food to go round, this was entirely my fault and I apologise for that. Quite simply I totally underestimated just what a popular person Julie was – having been married to her for 39 years I should have known better. In my speech I thanked everybody in person who had helped me, Karen & Paul over the past few weeks – and believe me that was a lot of people – and I concluded by summing up Julie’s life of caring for others in the following way:- “When travelling in an aircraft and before take-off, the cabin crew always tell you that, If the is a loss of cabin pressure during a flight, Oxygen masks will drop from the luggage racks. They also tell you to put your own mask on first before helping others. As a family, and on club holidays, we have flown many times and I never seen these oxygen mask deployed. If they had ever dropped down I am certain that Julie would immediately put the masks on Karen & Paul, followed by other club members and probably everyone else in the aircraft before she would even think about putting her own on. This of course is very commendable but it is not the right thing to do. If you are travelling with people who are dependent on you, you must make sure that you are 100% fit, both physically and mentally and you can’t do that of your brain is being starved of oxygen. Julie would never understand the logic in that – she would always save those in need first and suffer the consequences” That was how Julie lived her life. Always thinking of others. And we all loved her for it. I would like to thank everyone for attending, for giving me support and for giving Julie such a spectacular send-off. I did make the point during my speech that there were a lot of people there who valued, and were thankful for, her contribution to society, but equally as important was the fact that there were a few people also there that didn’t know about her many years of helping others. They were there because Julie was just a very nice person and that meant an awful lot to me. We have been over whelmed by the number of Sympathy cards we have received – 97 in total (see photo). I read every single one of them out loud to Karen & Paul and trust me that wasn’t easy at times as tears were affecting my vision. Finally I have to say that both Karen & Paul were brilliant on what was a very difficult day. In fact they have been exemplary throughout these last few weeks. I am extremely proud of the way they have handled the situation but there again they were brought up by an exemplary mother.