Tanglewood Football Prediction Competition 2017/18 THE RESULTS ARE IN!

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The full points scored by all 101 participants won’t be known till after Monday 28th May, but we do know who the winners are:-

In 3rd place, with 36 pts is Dave Thubron and he wins £50.50. Dave is a friend of Tanglewood and he has been in the top ten since Christmas and was in first place in March.

2nd place with 37pts is Chris Rogers and wins £101.  Chris is a Hendon F.C. supporter and has been a friend of Tanglewood since they shared Harrow Borough’s ground a few years back. His lowest position all year was 20th. In fact he would have been the joint winner if Manchester Utd. had won the FA cup but had to settle for runner up position as a result of Chelsea’s win.

Our winner with 40 pts and collects £202 is Graham Miller. He is a friend of club helper Caroline and has been in the top ten throughout the season (His lowest position was 9th back in October). He supports Stoke City and despite the fact that he predicted that they would win the FA cup, he still managed to earn points in 7 of the 9 categories, including 8pts in three of them.

Congratulations to all three prize winners who are pictured receiving their winnings from the top three Tanglewood club members who entered

The final points scored by all 101 of you will appear on this web site on Tuesday 29th.

In the meantime here are some more facts for you:-

  • Our winner Graham was one of only two people who predicted that Chesterfield would drop out of the football league.
  • Not counting the “Tanglewood” entry, there were 101 people making predictions in nine categories, of those 909 predictions, 90 achieved the maximum 8 pts. (34 of those were for Man. City winning the Premier league)
  • There were only two correct predictions in three categories – Bottom of the Prem League and top & bottom of League Two.
  • There are still 45 people who could gain more points from the Play-off finals but none of them are in the top ten.

Thanks again for taking part and I hope you will all enter next season’s Tanglewood football prediction competition. In the meantime why not enter our World cup prediction competition – details are in our May Magazine