Mary Gaiger

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Former club member Mary Gaiger died on Tuesday April 10th  aged just 57.  Mary was a club member in the 1970’s  we are not sure when she first started but her name does appear in our very first club register – 14th April 1980. She left just over a year later when she moved, with her mother, to Chatham in Kent.

Mary’s mother was a founder member of our 100 club (with two numbers) and those two numbers were taken on by Mary’s sister after their mother died 5 years ago. Mary herself took on a 100 club number in 1990 and did very well winning 12 times with a total of £1,280 prize money from her £1,456 outlay.  Both Mary and her mother Ettie attended the 25th anniversary of the 100 club in 2008 and Mary was chosen to make that anniversary draw.  The poor quality black & white photograph shows Mary, with club helper Margarette, actually making that draw.  The other photo shows Mary with her dear friend Jimmy Palmer.

Mary was an adorable person and much loved by everyone who knew her, especially me.  On behalf of everyone at Tanglewood.

I would like to offer my sincere condolences to Mary’s sister Alice and her family.