Doubles Darts Tournament 2018

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The final of this years Darts doubles tournament took place at club on Apr 9th between Usha & Rakesh against Christopher & Darshan.  Usha was appearing in her first doubles final (although she did win the singles title in 2016), Rakesh was appearing in his third doubles final (having lost the previous two),  Christopher was appearing in his 3rd doubles final (having won the previous two) and this was Darshan’s first darts final.

With Christopher’s heroics in last years singles final we were expecting a close best-of-five-leg final. Each game was played from 301 with no double required to finish,  Whilst each leg was a close run thing, it was Usha & Rakesh who came away victors winning the first three legs making them the 2018 champions.

The highest score of the tournament trophy went to Kenji O’Connor for his throw of 103 in the first round.  A full list of who beat who and in each round is as follows (Click to enlarge image) :-